Using Software Product Line to improve ERP Engineering: Literature Review and Analysis

Raúl Mazo, Saïd Assar, Camille Salinesi, Noura Ben Hassen


On the one hand, getting advantages of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems largely depends on their capacity to be configured and adapted to fit the customer and domain requirements. On the other hand, product line engineering (PLE) is a promising approach for configuring and adapting products by means of configuration and derivation processes. While the literature and industrial experiences show the benefits of PLE methods, techniques and tools, there is still a lack of interest in addressing ERP engineering issues with the product line strategy. Objective: The aim of this paper is to identify and analyze the different ways presented in the literature to improve ERP engineering issues with the methods, techniques and tools provided by PLE. Method: To achieve that objective, we reviewed the literature and analyzed available publications. Results: This literature review analyzes six research papers at the intersection between ERP and PLE. It shows that the product line strategy can indeed be applied for ERP configuration and customization. It further shows the evolving interest on this topic and discusses existing contributions.


Enterprise Resource Planning; ERP; Software Product Line; ERP configuration; ERP customization; Systematic Literature Review

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