Vol 4, No 1 (2017)

January - May 2017

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Research Articles

An Evolutionary Multi-Objective Approach to the Problem of Building College Student Groups PDF
Iván Jacho Sánchez, Lorena Arboleda, Olga Cedeño, Eduardo Samaniego, Pavel Novoa 8
Functional Data Analysis Applied to Financial Risk: a Case Study in Ecuadorian Credit Unions PDF
Sergio Castillo, Miguel Flores, Giovanni Herrera 7
Acoustic Science in Intelligent Environments PDF
Gabriela Santiago, José Aguilar Gabriela Santiago, José Aguilar, José Aguilar 10
Optimization of Absorption Coefficients for Numerical Acoustic Simulation PDF
Gandhi Mora, José Lucio, Luis Bravo 13
Ant Colony Optimization for Optimal Workforce Planning PDF
Juan Pisco, Abraham Bayas, Rodolfo Najarro, Amilkar Puris, Pavel Novoa 7

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