Optimising a Language Recognition System Through Phoneme-Based Vector Representation

  • Francisco Charro Escuela Politécnica Nacional
  • Marco Herrera Escuela Politécnica Nacional
  • Nataly Pozo Escuela Politécnica Nacional
  • Andrés Rosales Escuela Politécnica Nacional
Keywords: Vector Representation, Language Recognition, Skip-gram, n-grams, embeddings.


This article analyzes vector representation of phonemes as an alternative to improve a language identification system (LID). CBOW (Continuous Bag-of-Words) and Skip-gram architectures proposed by Mikolov are studied. These models allow predicting words within a context by generating n-dimensional vectors. In this work we will analyze the application of these models in smaller phonetic units or n-grams.



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Author Biography

Francisco Charro, Escuela Politécnica Nacional




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F. Charro, M. Herrera, N. Pozo, and A. Rosales, “Optimising a Language Recognition System Through Phoneme-Based Vector Representation”, LAJC, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 49-54, Nov. 2017.
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