Author Guidelines

Guidelines to present the article:

1. Articles must be original and may not have been previously published. If the articles have been published previously, the author assumes full responsibility for copyright conflicts with any other publisher.

2. Items must be submitted in english or spanish, according to the
indicated format.

3. The summary or abstract, should have a maximum of 200 words, including keywords article.

4. The article must have a minimum paper length of six (6) pages and a maximum paper length of fifteen (15) page, including bibliography.

5. All references cited in the text should appear in the literature

6. The on line submissions is done through Easychair Platform.

7. Before submitting written work, check the following:
  • The file must be in Microsoft Word or PDF format, according to the requested format.
  • Verify that article's images have good resolution and are optimized for inclusion in documents.
  • Written work should not be larger than 2 MB

8. All authors will be notified about the article reception. The comments and the final decision of the review process will be sent in a period not exceeding two months from the date of reception.

9. The journal editors reserve the right to publish the contributions in the number that they consider most appropriate.

10. Articles that are not considered appropriate for the journal and therefore not published will be rejected and the authors will be notified by email.

11. The Faculty of Systems Engineering, does not accept any responsibility for the point of view and statements made by the authors in their work.

12. The research articles and technical reports will be presented in IEEE format.

13. No fees or charges are required for manuscript processing or publishing.

14. All the listed authors must have significantly contributed to the research

15. A list of financial institutions that founded the research, if any, must be included before Reference Section.

16. To contribute reducing research and publication misconduct, all submitted articles will be checked with a plagiarism detection software.

Next, find the templates available in MS Word and LaTeX format. Select 'Save' when the 'File Download' dialog pops up.


  1. Microsoft Word 2007 A4 (DOC, 51 KB)

  2. LaTeX:

    a) LaTeX file(PDF, 63 KB)*

    Windows (ZIP, 674 KB)
    Unix (TAG.GZ, 655 KB)

    b) LaTeX bibliography files**
    Windows (ZIP, 309 KB)
    Unix (TAR.GZ, 307 KB)

* LaTeX System Tester is included in the LaTeX file content. The package includes instructions on how to test your LaTeX system settings and reconfigure as necessary to emulate the 'output control' and get the best conversion to PDF. We require that you perform this test before creating your final manuscript.
**Access to LaTeX packages IEEEtran Class (template) V1.7 and IEEEtran BibTeX (bibliography) V1.12. Be sure to use the 'conference mode' template. See the template documentation for more details.


Copyright Notice

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