Vol 5, No 1 (2018)

January - May 2018

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Research Articles

Methods and Data Sources for Measuring Socio-Economic Factors: A Literature Review PDF
Yasmina Vizuete-Salazar, Marco Segura-Morales 11 - 16
Remote Sensing in the Design of Urban Planning Strategies, Case Study Urban Heat Island of the Metropolitan District of Quito, Ecuador PDF
Diana Baño, José Salazar, Mónica Delgado 17 - 26
Real Time Auralization Module for Electronic Travel Aid Devices for People with Visual Disability PDF
Alex Armendáriz, José Lucio-Naranjo, Diego Navas 27 - 36
Is Ecuador ready to change its productive matrix?: an analysis of the Ecuadorian innovation system PDF
Juan Fernández Sastre 37 - 42

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