Vol 6, No 1 (2019)

January - May 2019

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Research Articles

A Novel Hybrid SVM-CNN Method for Extracting Characteristics and Classifying Cattle Branding PDF
Carlos Silva 9 - 16
Net Neutrality and enacted Laws in South America: A Literature Review PDF
Roberto Triviño, Antonio Franco, Leonardo Ochoa 17 - 26
The policy of science, technology and innovation and the return of the state: 2007 2010, years of instability PDF
Fernando Herrera García, Antonio Franco-Crespo, Valentina Ramos 27 - 38
Trends on Computer Security: Cryptography, User Authentication, Denial of Service and Intrusion Detection PDF
Pablo Marcillo, Daniel Maldonado, Santiago Arrais, Lorena Barona, Angel Valdivieso 39 - 50
Instrumentation and instrumentalization of ICTs for the organization of collective work in global contexts, a case study PDF
Denis Chávez 51 - 64

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