Junior Researchers

We are inviting junior researchers worldwide to publish with us. Our aim is to showcase and maximize the impact of the work carried out by 1st year doctorate students, exceptional master’s students,  and  outstanding undergraduates whose contributions have significant impact in the field of computer science, and related areas. Short papers and early results derived from excellent undergraduate work, outstanding master's dissertations, and first-year doctorate studies are now being received to be evaluaded for possible publication. Under this initiative, we want to boost the academic production of every researcher, providing them with a free publication venue and a valuable feedback source for their projects. 

If you are interested in submitting your article for revision, please Register with Us and follow the Submission Guidelines. Remember that in order to maximize the chances for your article to be considered for publication as either a short-paper, or an early-result paper, it MUST be preferably written in English (although Spanish submissions are also accepted)Please, we kindly request that you proofread your paper before submission. Bear in mind that, should you submit your paper in English, if the command of the language is poor, it will be automatically rejected.

For more information about submissions, please Contact Us.