Exploratory Data Analysis of Volunteered Geographic Information: case study in the Manuela Sáenz administrative zone of Quito

Roger Castro, Marco Luna


Technological development during the first decade of this century provoked a boom of user-generated, web-shared media. In geography, such trend is called Volunteered Geographic Information; OpenStreetMap (OSM) is its most famed project. While several research has been made about OSM -particularly, concerning its quality-, none of such has been made in Ecuador in despite that, indeed, there has been mapping in this country. This paper proposes an Exploratory Data Analysis as first approach to understanding the features of OSM. Study area is the Manuela Sáenz administrative zone of Quito. Free GIS and programming software were used, while applying non-graphic and graphic methods. Results are displayed in several plots and phenomena are discussed, regarding number of keys and nodes, area condition, and building, highway and source keys. The paper concludes identifying OSM aspects for further research.


exploratory data analysis, OpenStreetMap, R language, VGI

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