Polarity of opinions about a public person in Ecuador

Boris Herrera


The present investigation is the study of opinion miningtechniques, focused on obtaining information from a public figurein Ecuador, determining signs of polarity for your management ina positive, negative or neutral way, a result that will allow saidcharacter public to make decisions about their actions based on animage of service to the community. The extraction of opinions insocial networks and techniques based on Human LanguageTechnologies enabled the interpretation of polarized data byspecifying parameters of relevance to the resulting opinion focusedon decision making, processing that adapts to the newcommunication formats achieving the interpretation andassessment of opinion. Social networks was the platform for thecapture of texts by means of an API, which after the processing ofthe natural language obtained results of indications of thepopularity of the character.


Natural language processing, opinion mining, sentiment analysis, human language technologies, rating of opinions

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