Agile Design Process with User-Centered Design and User Experience in Web Interfaces: A Systematic Literature Review

Jucélia Beux, Ericles Bellei, Laís Brock, Ana Carolina Bertoletti, Carlos Hölbig


In the search for faster software development techniquesthat consider user’s needs, agile methods are gettingspace in the corporate scenario, as well as in scientific research.However, integrating agile software development with usercentereddesign (UCD) and user experience (UX) is a challengingtask. In this way, we systematically reviewed the literature until2017 to identify and understand how UX can be considered inagile development, particularly for graphical interfaces of webapplications. The search was performed in the ACM, IEEE,Science Direct, and Springer databases. We found a total of 815studies, of which 13 met the eligibility criteria. This research isimportant for evidencing the information acquired and used tomap how agile methods can consider the stakeholders, activities,and techniques that directly imply the way the products aredeveloped to meet the user’s expectations. There are many agilemethods, each with its advantages and disadvantages, but weconclude that the methods that integrate better with UX or UCDare Scrum and XP.


Web graphical interfaces, Agile Software Development, User Experience, User-Centered Design.

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