Towards a new paradigm in university scientific research from a feminist epistemology, a creative, critical and ethical spirit, and knowledge as a common good

Ramón Rueda


Universities, especially public universities, represent one of the most important institutions from which to induce transformation and social progress capable of overcoming the current challenges of humanity. This is not only a consequence of its educational role in values and ethical principles, but also, and this is what constitutes the object of study of this article, for its role in the creation of knowledge.This knowledge, as it will be exposed, should be open to the diversity of thought and cosmovisions and founded, among others, from three pillars such as: 1) a feminist epistemology, 2) the recovery of a creative, critical and ethical spirit, and 3) the conception of knowledge, in itself, as a common good, making possible the search for interpretations, alternatives and solutions to human problems beyond the hegemonic epistemological framework.After the bibliographic review that will offer an approach to the main contributions in the field of critical thinking and epistemologies, the study of the three proposed pillars on which a new epistemological paradigm for Universities could begin will be addressed.


epistemology, social responsibility of the University, scientific research, gender, common good.

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