Trends on Computer Security: Cryptography, User Authentication, Denial of Service and Intrusion Detection

  • Pablo Marcillo Escuela Politécnica Nacional
  • Daniel Maldonado-Ruiz Escuela Politécnica Nacional
  • Santiago Arrais Escuela Politécnica Nacional
  • Lorena Isabel Barona López Escuela Politécnica Nacional
  • Angel Leonardo Valdivieso Caraguay Escuela Politécnica Nacional
Keywords: Cryptography, Denial-of-service attack, Firewall, Intrusion Detection System, Security


The new generation of security threats has beenpromoted by digital currencies and real-time applications, whereall users develop new ways to communicate on the Internet.Security has evolved in the need of privacy and anonymity forall users and his portable devices. New technologies in everyfield prove that users need security features integrated into theircommunication applications, parallel systems for mobile devices,internet, and identity management. This review presents the keyconcepts of the main areas in computer security and how it hasevolved in the last years. This work focuses on cryptography,user authentication, denial of service attacks, intrusion detectionand firewalls.


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Pablo Marcillo, Escuela Politécnica Nacional



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