Electric Vehicle with Speed Control Algorithm and Regenerative Braking and the Design of a Mobile Web App based on IoT

  • Axel Pulamarin Escuela Politécnica Nacional
Keywords: PI controller, BLDC motor, speed algorithm, model reference adaptive control (MRAC), regenerative braking, firebase, pplication programming interface (API)


Currently, most electric vehicles for personal mobility do not keep a constant speed and they do not brake automatically when the system requires. Moreover, this braking energy is not used to power the system itself. To overcome these problems, this work presents the implementation of control algorithms and a web app for an electric vehicle for personal mobility. A cascade control algorithm is implemented where the internal loop is torque and the external loop is speed. Additionally, a mobile web app based on IoT was designed to display in real time some important information about the system status. Eventually, simulations and real test were performed indicating fast torque and speed response when the system is subjected to different mobility scenarios.


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