Assessing the Cyber Threat Landscape for Virtual Power Plants

  • Georgios Gkoktsis Fraunhofer SIT, ATHENE
Keywords: Virtual Power Plants, Cyber-Physical Security, Smart Grid Security


Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) aggregate and coordinate Distributed Energy Resources (DER) as a single entity aiding in decarbonization of the energy generation mix. The infrastructure of VPPs relies heavily on rigorous and accurate exchange of information between the DER and the VPP, as well as other grid entities. This exposes them to possible cyber threats that impede their functions and can have negative impacts on the stability and reliability of the grid. In this paper, the threat landscape is evaluated against threats that affect VPPs. A heuristic method of assessing the impact and likelihood of attacks is constructed based on a) proposed methods in literature, b) standardization bodies, and c) in relation to a VPPs security profile. Our findings indicate that False Data Injection attacks are posing the greatest risk, competing with disruption of their functions due to Denial of Service.



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