Quality Analysis of Learning Objects in Academic Contexts

  • Valeria Iliana Bertossi Universidad Tecnologica Nacional
  • Maria de los Milagros Gutiérrez Universidad Tecnologica Nacional
  • Karina Viviana Martinez Universidad Tecnologica Nacional
  • Lucila Romero Universidad Nacional del Litoral
Keywords: Learning object, e-learning, Learning management system, Software quality, ISO 9000:2015, ISO 9241, ISO/IEC 24751, ISO/IEC 25000


The quality levels of educational institutions are influenced by the quality of learning objects used in their teaching processes. Considering that there are two disciplines involved in the definition, design and development of these objects, Computer Sciences on the one hand, and Educational Sciences in the other, both realities must be taken into account when analysing the quality of a learning object. Although there are recommendations and standards that propose models to evaluate the quality of software, they were thought and developed with the aim of being adapted to different artifacts at their different stages (design, development process, use, etc.). Therefore, it is necessary to review the proposals and to adapt them specifically objects managed by learning management systems in academic contexts, is presented. This is the first step to the development of a quality analysis model of learning objects.

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