Design of a portfolio management software to personalize learning in university environments

  • Nicolás Eckell Universidad Nacional del Litoral
  • Viviana Santucci Universidad Nacional del Litoral
  • Lucila Romero Universidad Nacional del Litoral
Keywords: elearning, eportfolios, personalizated learning, learning paths


This article presents the process of developing eportfolios management software and the results obtained through its use in a subject. The software focuses mainly on personalizing learning in university context. For this, the system takes into account both the different levels of assimilation of knowledge that a student can achieve and indicators that give the teacher a guideline of progress in the learning process. With the work, authors wants to provide support to teachers in the learning process, through the proposal of a learning path to achieve the highest possible levels of learning for a particular student through the use of learning materials adapted to each situation.

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