RESTful and SOAP Services Orchestration: Case Study, American Visa Assignment

  • Jhon Calle Universidad del Azuay
  • Pablo Lója Universidad del Azuay
  • Marcos Orellana Universidad del Azuay
  • Priscila Cedillo Universidad del Azuay
Keywords: BPEL, Orchestration, SOA, SOAP, web services, Visas


This article presents the analysis of a case of U.S. visa assignment by extracting information from different entities. The following data sources are used for this issue: (i) personal information of the applicant, (ii) information on the person's real estate, and (iii) credit history from banks. For the extraction of the information, interfaces were created that simulated the operation of these entities and their respective databases and web services. For data submission, the use of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) by developing a service orchestration system was implemented in the application. In this context, BPEL language concepts were applied, which aim to demonstrate the importance of service orchestration across enterprises or organizations and the great utility of having integrated services. The concepts applied in the development of the final system corroborate its use, since the modules developed can be integrated with others without the need to redesign them from scratch, which is a substantial aid in the search for optimal solutions for IT infrastructures.


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